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I practiced a lot

Over last 2 decades I gained experience working directly (as an employee) and indirectly (as a consultant) with companies, organizations and agencies all over the world. I worked with law enforcements, governments, financial authorities, banks, larger consultancy firms, US Defense contractors, card schemes, merchants as well as charities, and customers within hospitalization industry, financial industry, entertainment sector, e-commerce and many others.

I have worked in the following areas:
   Payment Card Industry (PCI) - Analysis of compromised systems
   Investment Bank - Incident Response
   ATM (Automated Teller Machine) - in-depth malware analysis
   POS (Point Of Sale) systems - in-depth malware analysis
   PA (Payment Applications) - in-depth software analysis and cryptanalysis
   Banks, Merchants - Card Holder Data discovery
   US Defense Contractors - Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
   Law Enforcements - Trojan Defense cases
   E-commerce - Penetration Testing
   E-commerce - Vulnerability Scans
   E-commerce - Source Code Reviews
   University - Data Recovery
I also published quite a lot between years 1997 and 2004
- I wrote 5 books and over 30 articles. This blog contains 800+ posts.

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