Welcome to 3RPG - Rapid RegRipper Plugin Generator v0.3!

3RPG is a web form that helps you to quickly build Plugins for RegRipper by Harlan Carvey.
For quick examples, check this blog post.
For a list of keys alrerady covered by existing 280+ RegRipper Plugins, see 3R - RegRipper Ripper page

Benefits a.k.a. why 3RPG was created?

If you are a non-programmer... If you are a programmer...

How to use 3RPG?

Just go to the Wizard below, fill in the form (takes 1-2 minutes), then copy and paste the resulting script and save to the file - once you do, you are ready to go!
These fields are required to create a script: and then leave the rest fields with default values.


If you write a new plugin, share the script with the community (if you do, please fill-in the rest of the fields to avoid generic/default values in the scripts. Thanks!)

3RPG Wizard

SetupPlugin Code (copy&paste to your favourite editor, save as foo
  • How will you call your script? (don't add .pl extension)

  • Type a very short description of the script:

  • Type a longer description of the script:

  • Any references? your research sources, etc.:

  • What to put in a Copyright note?

  • What node would you like to analyze?

  • What keys/values would you like to include?

  • Do you want to scan nested subkeys (recursively)?
  • Yes, scan subkeys, depth= levels

  • Include scan fo 32- nodes on 64-bit systems? (Wow6432Node)
  • Yes, include Wow6432Node

  • What hive you want to inspect?
  • All

  • What OS does your script support?
  • Windows Server 2012
    Windows 8
    Windows 2008
    Windows Vista"
    Windows 2003
    Windows XP
script goes here...