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We practiced really a lot

Over last 2 decades we gained experience working directly (as employees) and indirectly (as consultants) with companies, organizations and agencies all over the world. We worked with law enforcements, governments, financial authorities, banks, larger consultancy firms, US Defense contractors, card schemes, merchants as well as charities. We worked directly with customers within hospitalization industry, financial industry, entertainment sector, e-commerce and many others.

We have worked in the following areas:
   Payment Card Industry (PCI) - Analysis of compromised systems
   Investment Bank - Incident Response
   ATM (Automated Teller Machine) - in-depth malware analysis
   POS (Point Of Sale) systems - in-depth malware analysis
   PA (Payment Applications) - in-depth software analysis and cryptanalysis
   Banks, Merchants - Card Holder Data discovery
   US Defense Contractors - Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
   Law Enforcements - Trojan Defense cases
   E-commerce - Penetration Testing
   E-commerce - Vulnerability Scans
   E-commerce - Source Code Reviews
   University - Data Recovery
We also published quite a lot between years 1997 and 2004
- we wrote 5 books and over 30 articles.

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